Red Star Black Rose was founded in 1981 in the unfinished first floor of the Catholic Worker House in Oakland, California. In the former garage, we set up a simple printshop: a Multilith 1250, a paper cutter, some shelves and tables.  It was home to a nucleus of artists and artisans intent on serving the movements of the day.

In 1984, Red Star Black Rose moved to a storefront on Foothill Blvd. near San Antonio park where the printshop grew into a complex of collectives providing printing, design, publishing and distribution services to a wide range of clients throughout the Bay Area.

In 2007, faced with the ever increasing digitization of the printing and publishing world, Red Star Black Rose went virtual, moving into a 3 x 5 inch Post Office Box at 11154 Piedmont, CA, 94611 where you can find us today:  somewhat smaller than we used to be, but far wiser.

You can also email Red Star Black Rose at rsbr [a] redstarblackrose.org

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