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Seven Steps to Story is a curriculum developed by Jess Clarke across decades of popular education practice rooted in the pedagogy of Paolo Freire.

Workshop at East Side Arts Alliance Raiding our Voices 2

Workshop at East Side Arts Alliance,
Raising our Voices, Media Alliance, 2010

In a seven week workshop participants will investigate
1. Senses
2. Simile
3. Situation
4. Suspense
5. Structure
6. Substance
7. Subtext
Each workshop unfolds from a simple mnemonic, an easily memorized prompt that can get participants connected with themselves as they solve story problems.

For example: Sight, Sound, Smell, Savor and Sensation are ways to name the sensory experience that root a writer in an embodied view of the world in which their stories will unfold.

An examination of “Hands” can lead in many directions.¬† Pictured abovea¬† photo of workshop participants doing an exercise: What work do our hands do?

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