Dec 112013

Red Star Black Rose took this project from unformatted text files from Maria de la Cruz’s literary estate to published book. We provided the client (Laetitia Bordes S.H., Editor) with a Word template with custom styles that she applied. We imported those styles to Quark (preserving many hours of client formatting) where we did the final typesetting and pagination. Final output was a PDF-X-standardized format suitable to many Print on Demand (POD) systems. Cover design was done in Quark & Photoshop. Copies can be ordered below.

Waters of a Lifetime is the autobiography of Sister Maria de la Cruz Aymes of the Society of Helpers (1919-2009). From her early days as a child in Mexico, through the years of Vatican II and the following decades, Waters of a Lifetime offers an intimate history of a remarkable catechist that spans more than half a century.

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